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The Trusted Liam's Gardeners For Any Liverpool Gardening You Need

What if your gardeners in Liverpool could be hired from a single place where you knew they'd always be highly trained professionals? Where every service was delivered under a full quality guarantee? And where you'd have plenty of chance to discuss your plans with an expert before you confirmed your service?

That's precisely what you'll get with us. Liam's Gardeners operate seven days a week, so this service is perfect for getting domestic or commercial care for any garden space.

Giving us a call on 020 3404 2375 is the quick and easy way to reach us. And it's equally simple to send us your details via our contact us form. We're here to help you 24/7, and we'll be happy to answer any questions you might have about our services or the experts delivering them. You can find more details about our booking process by scrolling down to the foot of the page.

Why Get Us In For Your Garden Landscaping in Liverpool?

  • Trained professional garden landscapers conducting all work in Liverpool - reliable and high quality services for all occasions
  • Garden care paid for by the job and garden maintenance by the hour - fair every time, and with no hidden charges
  • Bespoke equipment - and the safety tools needed for tree surgery and much more
  • Your quote provided upfront and without obligation - before you confirm your final appointment
  • Booking slots on offer from 8:00 am to 6:30 pm every day of the week, with weekend and Bank Holiday options on offer
  • Weather conditions won't prevent you from getting the work you want done - we work in any weather

Your Options For Your Gardening Services

When you book your gardening services in Liverpool, you'll be in complete control of what precisely is included. Broadly, your service will be one of two different types:

  • Garden maintenance - maintain and care for your outside space without ever lifting a finger. This option for garden maintenance can be customised to include tidying up weeds in flower beds, leaf collection, lawnmowing, and a variety of other jobs.
  • Garden design and landscaping - these usually one-off services for garden landscaping come with an upfront quote which includes all of the costs associated with whatever improvement work you're interested in having carried out - fence building, patio or pathway laying, turf laying...

Your Gardening in Liverpool - How to Order Your Service

Get the gardening you need in Liverpool organised in the safest and most straightforward way:

  1. Give us a call or contact us online using the information at the top of the page
  2. The consultation part of your appointment happens - this is onsite, and without obligation to you
  3. During this you'll be able to discuss your plans with someone who knows what they're talking about
  4. This gives you the advice you need, as well as giving us the information we require to set your price
  5. You receive your quote on the spot in the event of ordering garden maintenance, or within three days in the event of landscaping
  6. Once you're content, we'll then arrange your main service for when you choose
  7. Or if you're ordering maintenance, we'll be able to commence right away!