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Planting in Liverpool By Liam's Trained Gardeners

Thinking about planting new greenery in Liverpool? What if you could get some trained professional gardeners in to help you plan? To offer advice? And to make sure your new plants were going to get the best start in life?

That's exactly what this service does for you. And it lets you get an expert over to your property first to talk about your plans in detail - without any obligation

Get that expert in at the time that's best for you now - by calling 020 3404 2375, or by sending us your details using our booking form to contact us. It's quick and easy, and there'll be someone here to help you 24 hours a day.

Your Planting Services in Liverpool Come With:

  • Discuss your ideas for your garden with an expert first, onsite and hassle-free!
  • All of our landscape gardeners are highly trained and experienced specialists
  • Get a clear quote on the price of your planting services in Liverpool upfront
  • Services on offer seven days a week, begining at 8:00 am and lasting until 6:30 pm
  • Poor weather is no hindrance to your team - as long as the health of your new plants won't be affected, they keep working
  • Get almost all of your garden waste removed for free - we carry away up to 180 litres with us
  • All of your plans and requirements considered before we offer advice, as well as the climate and conditions in your garden

Your Plant and Tree Installation Service - More Details

Your service will always start with an onsite, obligation-free discussion so that you can chat to an expert about the plants you want to have installed. This way, we can see the conditions in your garden in person. And then offer you any advice, as well as take on board your vision for the space.

Installing plants and trees in Liverpool gardens is the general aim of this service, but the exact type of greenery you want to have planted is largely up to you. In the past we've installed young trees, shrubs of all sizes, vegetable gardens, flowers, and much more.

Book an Appointment With Liam's Professional Landscape Gardeners

We follow a well-planned process when we deliver garden landscaping. Here's how it works:

  1. You call and book, and we'll arrange for an expert to visit you at a convenient time
  2. Your onsite viewing takes place, and you can talk about your plans - still without obligation
  3. Within three working days, you'll receive a quote which includes all of the costs associated with your service
  4. Agree to your quote and your booking will be finalised. We work seven days a week, for your convenience