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Tree Surgery in Liverpool Ideal For Almost Any Tree

Being able to completely rely on the surgeons you hire for tree surgery in Liverpool is vital if you want to be able to relax when your service is under way. That's why we only ever send to you fully qualified, insured, and CRB-checked professionals when you get a service from us - no matter what tree care you need...

Are you searching for some light tree pruning of trees on your property? Need tree stump removal for some troublesome remains? Concerned about branches that are starting to overhang your fences or home?

This service does it all for you. Dial 020 3404 2375 or fill in our contact form to book, 24/7. Quickly scroll down to the foot of the page if you want to know precisely what sort of information we'll need from you before we can confirm your booking.

Book Liam's Experienced Tree Surgeons in Liverpool When You Need:

  • Trees up to 65 feet (20 metres) in height cared for without difficulty
  • All the tree surgeons we have in Liverpool are thoroughly trained, highly experienced, and CRB-checked
  • Specialised equipment used every time - ensuring the results you get are of the highest quality
  • No hourly-based service this! You only pay one clear rate for the service you need
  • Appointment available whenever you need one - seven days a week
  • Try an appointment whatever time you need one too! We start at 8:00 am and don't finish until 6:30 pm
  • Weather conditions won't slow down your service - we work in all weathers

What Happens During Your Tree Surgery Services

The most important thing to remember about your tree surgery services in Liverpool is that they're designed to give you the best value for money. How?

Firstly, because they're not hourly-based. Your expert tree surgeons only charge for the work you actually need done, and the results you want to see. Plus, of course your service will always include:

  1. An onsite consultation by your team of two professional tree surgeons
  2. Confirmation of the price you were quoted over the phone before your service goes ahead

How to Book Liam's Professional Tree Surgeons

Are your trees in your garden or your neighbour's? What shall we do with the green waste that's created as part of your service?

These and other questions are just some of the things you'll be asked when you call. The other things you'll need to tell us are:

  1. The number of the trees
  2. How sizeable they are
  3. What you want done to them - shaping, pruning, cutting back
  4. The access and permission we'll have regarding the trees in question

Feel free to make the arrangements any time you want to - we're here to assist you 24/7.